WITH ALLAH (SWT) through their SALAH 
if they don't know what they are reciting?

Tafsir Video Program for kids (7-12)

What could be more empowering and strenghtening than the Qur'an

To HELP your CHILDREN face the TEMPTATIONS and CHALLENGES of this life?

What is the state of your children's connection with the Qur'an? Does it humble their hearts and help them become better Muslims? Or is it just boring to them and something they cannot relate to?

Emaan Power Tafsir Program for Kids will help your children...

  • CONNECT with the Surahs of the QUR'AN like never before
  • LEARN difficult Quranic concepts in a FUNEASY and ENTERTAINING WAY, with examples from their daily life they can relate to.
  • ​It's PERFECT FOR BUSY MUMS. It makes it very easy for you to fulfill your responsibility of teaching the Qur'an to your kids. Watch it in the comfort of your home at your own pace and time. Download it today and keep it forever. 
  • ​It helps you IMPLEMENT POSITIVE ISLAMIC HABITS in your family routine. You can play 1 video before Salah to help your children perform their Salah in the best of states with full kushu.
  • TAFSIR VIDEO PROGRAM FOR KIDS (7-12) - 24 Inspiring and Educational Tafsir videos for kids:                         
         • Video #1 -  Understanding of Bismillah
         • Video #2 -  Surah Naas Tafsir video
         • Video #3 -  Surah Falaq Tafsir video
         • Video #4 -  Surah Ikhlas Tafsir video 1
         • Video #5 -  Surah Ikhlas Tafsir video 2 - A companion's inspiring                                         story of sincerity
         • Video #6 -  Surah Ikhlas Tafsir video 3 - Three ways to mantain                                          sincerity
         • Video #7 -  Surah Lahab Tafsir video 
         • Video #8 -  Surah Kafiroon Tafsir video 1
         • Video #9 -  Surah Kafiroon Tafsir video 2 - Encouraging kids to be                                      proud to be Muslims. *(A powerful video for any kid who                                    feels different at school)
         • Video #10 - Surah Maun Tafsir video 1
         • Video #11 - Surah Maun Tafsir video 2 - Importance of balancing the                                   rights of Allah (swt) and the rights of His creation
         • Video #12 - Surah Kauthar Tafsir video 
         • Video #13 - Surah Fil Tafsir video 
         • Video #14 - Surah Layl Tafsir video 1
         • Video #15 - Surah Layl Tafsir video 2 - An inspirational story of Abu                                     Bakhar (r.a.a)
         • Video #16 - Surah Iqra Tafsir video (covering the second part of the                                     surah) - A great lesson on how to deal with bullies
         • Video #17 - Surah Takathur Tafsir video 1
         • Video #18 - Surah Takathur Tafsir video 2 - Reality of life
         • Video #19 - Surah Asr Tafsir video 1 - Regret
         • Video #20 - Surah Asr Tafsir video 2 - Importance of time
         • Video #21 - Surah Inshirah Tafsir video 1
         • Video #22 - Surah Inshirah Tafsir video 2 - With hardship comes ease
         • Video #23 - Surah Inshirah Tafsir video 3
         • Video #24 - Surah Inshirah Tafsir video 4 - Dealing with hardships

• Session #1 -  Creating An Irresistible Offer
• Session #2 - The NEW Perfect Webinar  
• Session #3 -  How I Made $3 MILLION In 90 Minutes
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                    Today you can start a blessed journey with your children, discovering the teachings of the holy Qur'an. A journey that will illuminate and guide you closer to Allah (swt) and to each other inshaAllah

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